monthly calendar

22 . January . 2007

‘the only reason you’re conscious right now
is because i don’t feel like carrying you.

jack bauer, he’s our man.
(we’re in the beginning of season 5 now)

anne marie – thanks for asking: the hymn for today
is ‘go, tell it on the mountain’ which should come with
a waiver – you Will Not get that song out of your head
all week long. sing at your own risk.

here’s my monthly calendar template that i just
change the month name on & then write in with
my colored pens & pencils. it makes me unbelievably
happy, the colored-ness & hand-writtenness of it, that is.
it’s the little things.

monthly calendar template
kj’s january calendar, for example

and my MOM is here! a sweet last-minute treat. flew in
yesterday afternoon, worshipped with us at the evening
service last night & is here until first thing wednesday morning.
hip hip hooray for betty lou.


3 Responses to “monthly calendar”

  1. kathy Says:

    hooray! please tell me betty lou can be your first guest blog and give us a few secrets of her own. she’s brimming with wisdom. okay, she can play with the grandkids first. enjoy the time together!

  2. trelvis Says:

    why is the templates tag different from order and loveliness (just curious)

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