food & soul food

3 . February . 2007

next week’s meal list, as i run out the door to hit fairway:

1. grilled chicken, butternut squash, salad
2. pork chops, broccoli & bow ties
3. chicken & rice soup, broccoli
4. capellini & sauce (we love that ittybitty spaghetti), salad
5. spinach lasagna
6. cheddar french toast & tomato soup, broccoli
7. tuna casserole of some sort

backup: split pea soup or bolognese sauce in freezer
snacks: apples, bananas, dried cranberries, popcorn, grapes
drinks: love margaret’s encouragement to add more oj, less reliance on milk for calcium

parenting conference:
we are so grateful to dr. and mrs. benton (i can hear her now, ‘it’s pam! just pam’)
for coming on such a cold new york weekend to encourage us in how to
raise our children in the admonition and nurture of the Lord.

they are a gracious, warm, Biblical, practical, godly couple.
emphasizing the importance of the covenant community, the
community of believers, they admonished us to root our lives in that
context. to seek the Lord ourselves, and not require things of our
children that we are not obeying as well. (thus preventing our
hypocrisy) thanks for watching our kiddos, justin & anita.
and nathan sat through this morning’s seminar with us (9am-12pm) –
good job, sweets. i’m surprised at how much he can recite
from the seminar as he was reading & playing pokemon, or so
it appeared.

may the Lord’s word bear great fruit in my life,
in our marriage, in our children.

dinner last night, nothing fancy food-wise, trying to convince betsy to eat sitting down… mealtime.jpg


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  1. jenny Says:

    can we come have cheddar french toast with you? glad the conference was good…

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