an old-fashioned dtr

31 . October . 2007

can i just say
that c & i had one of
the top three
Most Significant Conversations
in our relationship on sunday night
after church.

the hilights:
acknowledging that btwn march 31 & now,
it’s been a difficult season,
that we’re mostly through said season,
c asking me to relenquish some of
the burdens/jobs/concerns i had been
shouldering on his behalf
(MajorExhale followed by LoadsOfTears, happytears),
and a good long prayer time
thanking the Lord for where we are now
and for carrying us through this.

can you see the spring in my step from there?
i feel like tigger.

oh, the Lord is indeed good to us.

sometimes this season felt like,
though he slay me,
yet i will trust in him.
job 13:15

and other times like,
be still and
wait patiently for
the Lord.
psalm 37:7

but today
i’m humming a new tune
that sounds more like
i am confident of this:
i will see the goodness of the Lord
in the land of the living.
psalm 27:13


and thank you.
thank you, friends,
for carrying us, walking with us,
praying us through this season.

thank you.


urban spooks

31 . October . 2007

we love trickortreating with the jennings.
this is our third (fourth?) year to
stroll on spook patrol together.

okay, so it’s much more benign than it sounds:
we walk up broadway
hitting the crazy haunts,
like starbucks, mcd’s, gigi cafe,
grom, subway, you get the idea,
and then we hit the motherlode
(aka. the jennings bldg).

our imaginary awards go to:
-cosi, best treat (the lg. cookie!)
-beard papa’s, all employees in costume



crunchtime downtown

31 . October . 2007

oye, all the lost jobs.
this is one of those seasons
when i hate
reading the headlines
and talking to friends
who are nervous about
their jobs.


happy birthday,
chris w
laran &

ps – guess who got a nose ring?
pps – it’s not me.

the right reverand

29 . October . 2007

ordination-congrats, michael!
and the reverand’s missus, sara.

we love you
and pray that the Lord
will give you good courage
as you preach the Word,
in season & out of season.


29 . October . 2007

and voila, i am offline.

a little bandit
armed with scissors
took one well-aimed
snip at my mac cord.

maybe my handsome husband
will swing by the apple store
on his way home today?

nathansoccer.jpg nathansoccer11.jpg nathansoccer5.jpg



(so i’m relegated to using the boys’ computer;
who remembers
why it’s the boys’ computer?
class? bueller?
remember what the screen looks like?!
i have to keep moving the window around so
i can see thru the cracks. nice.)

27 . October . 2007

‘never go with a hippie
to a second location.’
-jack donaghy

boy, we’re glad 30rock is back.



27 . October . 2007

tonight we watched ‘hoot’,
nathan’s choice at flicks.
it had several recognizable stars,
including luke wilson,
but the movie was
difficult to watch–as an adult–
with a straight face.
drama. drama. those poor owls!


cory & i wanted to go all
on it and just heckle away.

but the boys liked it.
so we had to hold back our
chuckles & jeers.

and actually, if you have animal-loving kids,
you may need to rent it and then we
can vent together.