6’4″ of upright stamina & goodness

24 . October . 2007

cory is doing so well.
so well.

since the elders came and prayed,
he has been fever free &
gaining stamina every day.

his work schedule &
bedtime are mostly back to normal.

he sees his doctor this morning
and we look forward to an
on-track report.

can you hear us singing?
oh, the Lord is good to me
and so i thank the Lord
for giving me the things i need
the sun and the rain and the
apple seed,
the Lord is good to me

we are very thankful to the Lord
and to this community for
carrying our burden in such
tangible ways over the past seven months.

apt 1 quirky note: we like to change
‘apple’ to people’s names.
in this case, we’d sing ‘cory-seed’


3 Responses to “6’4″ of upright stamina & goodness”

  1. Sara Keller Says:

    I’m actually sitting here at work in my office crying because:

    I am rejoicing about Cory. Songs of praise are being sung in Boston.

    I am missing you all so much. I truly long to be back with my family. I love you and can’t wait to be back to be able to laugh with you and engulf your beautiful children in hugs.

  2. im at work too. im getting ordained this upcoming sunday, taking TK away from NYC for a sunday while i am at it. Wish you guys could be here for the day. Next week there will be two rev. keller’s. Crazy to think. all part of our plan to come back. so i concur with my wife above- although she does it more eloquently! from afar….

  3. also…cory being healthy is definitely music to our ears- pure music.

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