cory is doing so well.
so well.

since the elders came and prayed,
he has been fever free &
gaining stamina every day.

his work schedule &
bedtime are mostly back to normal.

he sees his doctor this morning
and we look forward to an
on-track report.

can you hear us singing?
oh, the Lord is good to me
and so i thank the Lord
for giving me the things i need
the sun and the rain and the
apple seed,
the Lord is good to me

we are very thankful to the Lord
and to this community for
carrying our burden in such
tangible ways over the past seven months.

apt 1 quirky note: we like to change
‘apple’ to people’s names.
in this case, we’d sing ‘cory-seed’


they’regettingmarried par-tay

24 . October . 2007

engagement soiree
for j & m on sunday

all of these friends managed to
keep a straight face when they
saw morv last week, knowing
full-well about the upcoming
surprise that was flying her way.

jonmorv5.jpeg jonmorv61.jpeg

jonmorvcory.jpeg jonmorv11.jpeg
jonmorv4.jpeg jonmorv12.jpeg

and then we all walked to worship together;
i wish every party could end like that.

jonmorv14.jpeg jonmorv22.jpeg

their wedding will be
15 december 2007
aberdeen, scotland

then they’ll honeymoon in new zealand
and then move to perth, australia,
where they plan to be for 2 yrs
(jonathan is an e.r. doctor)
nyc after that? i’ll start my campaign.

calling any grandparents
who might be available
to come watch 4 precocious–er, precious–
children so that said parents could
scoot off to the uk for the celebration?

‘feel my ballet’

24 . October . 2007

she likes me to admire her
soft skirt while she twirls about,
oh, it’s so silky, honey


marked improvement

24 . October . 2007

henry has started joining us
for worship in church,
or bigchurch as the kids call it.
just before the sermon,
the children are dismissed
to realchurch with their peers.

of course, when the adults in
bigchurch stand to sing,
junior pew-goers are left
standing in a sea of belt buckles,
unable to see anything more than
a foot away, contributing to
henry’s general squirminess
in the pew last sunday.

effort no. 1 in trying to improve
his worship-ability:
practice church
with morven as worshipleaderperson
and real bulletins.


i must say, his behavior was
a+ perfect this week.
and he got a cookie from the cookieroom
to celebrate.
and hot chocolate.
there was that much improvement.

ps – morven was channeling scott c
as her worshipperson example, making up
a story about her ‘son ezra’ to entice henry
to really listen. so morv, cory & i choked
back giggles when scott started
worship this week with, ‘my son, ezra…
henry’s eyes bugged out.

enjoying the Lord’s day in apt 1.

22 . October . 2007


pier 70

22 . October . 2007

+ a little rolling down the big hill

new & improved, for now

22 . October . 2007

we’re always evaluating
and who-can-be-cozier,
and whose-trophies-need-a-shelf;
the ever-evolving home.

chez cates
fall 2007

we put the ‘bed’ in ‘bedroom.‘ -c. cates
80 sq feet of masterbedroom coziness
housebedroom5.jpeg housebedroom1.jpeg housebedroom3.jpeg housebedroom.jpeg
the sleepy shuffle:
our bedroom is now across from the office
and the girls have a happybig
bedroom/playroom/kitchen downstairs
which also doubles as a guest room.

houselongshot.jpeg houseoffice11.jpeg houseoffice21.jpeg

houselrtable.jpeg houseyellowcouch.jpeg houselivingroom.jpeg

housecomputer.jpeg househallway1.jpeg

houseboys5.jpeg houseboys3.jpeg houseboys4.jpeg houseboys2.jpeg
we extended the boys built-in bookshelves
and added wide horizontal light blue stripes
to the walls, changed the bedding
to tall ships – much more grownup, eh?

eleni5.jpeg eleni6.jpeg
taking full advantage of cory’s
mid-summer ‘i’m feeling good’
pre-surgery attitude,
we really packed in the projects.
the boys are v. proud of building
their own bookshelves.

i’ll snap some pictures of
the girls room soon.