keepin’ it real

29 . May . 2008

so, my cutie mentioned this morning
that the next 3 wks at work are
going to be especially busy + stressful.

and i’m trying to think of ways
that i can make it as
as possible
for him at home
while maintaining my
own sanity.

i’m thinking:

:: make sure he gets a massage next wknd
(you know that place on 72nd
where you have to sign a waiver
saying that you understand it’s
‘deep tissue’ and they mean
deep-we’ll-try-not-to-hurt-you deep?
he loves that one)

:: don’t book any additional
social engagements other than
what’s already on the calendar

:: make sure his favorite yankees shirts
are ready for him to
‘slip into something more comfortable’
after work

:: consistency in
reading the bible + praying
so that i am not a raving mad woman
by the time he comes home at night.

other ideas?


4 Responses to “keepin’ it real”

  1. Betsy N. Says:

    Kj- I got those same words from my hubby this week. Basically up until the new babe comes he is going to be full force. Thankfully you have inspired me to not plant that itty-bitty seed of resentment that usually festers at the worst time possible! So my tip for my guy this week is to have a fridge stocked with goodies and that includes his new favorite brew…a Japanese beer called Hitachino Nest Beer in White Ale. You will want to buy one on the packaging alone…a very chic owl with a great font you would appreciate 🙂 Serve with a slice of orange and it literally tastes like summer! Only for special occasions because they are on the pricey side. I found them at Barzini’s on 92nd and B’way.

  2. Andrea Says:

    Kari Jo,
    What a sweetie you are to your man.
    You inspire.
    But I will admit, my face does look like that lady in the pic at the end of the post after he has a lot of late nights at work.

  3. Andrea Says:

    I added some of mine in a post today.(7/2008) Yours is way more gracious.

  4. Andrea Says:

    what’s up with that face? 200eight.

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