barista training

4 . October . 2008

since cory + nathan took off
earlier this morning for
soccer games in central park north,

henry was able to join us
at starbucks-school for the
first time ever
(we usually only do it on
weekdays when the boys
are in school).

after we had settled in
and were immersed in our
kumon ‘let’s cut paper!’

(i love those kumon books;
the graphics, the ideas,
the whole shebang)
he turned to me and said,

‘i always thought starbucks-school
was where you learned to use
the big coffee machines to
make coffee and stuff.’

ps – the recycling truck hadn’t
come by yet this morning,
so there were many ‘treasures’
along the street as we walked.

the coolest ‘treasure’ being
an abandoned
set of scales.

pps – cory said that when he came
home a few minutes ago
all of the other recycling was gone
and the scales are still just
sitting there by their lonesome.

2 Responses to “barista training”

  1. jenny Says:

    hi-larious. Betsy probably would like to get her hands on the coffee machine…or better yet, the whipped cream!?
    those kumon books are great…

  2. Emily Says:

    Hey, I know all the Starbucks tricks. I’ll teach Henry in January.

    (shhh. don’t tell.)

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