we’d like to thank the academy

27 . February . 2010

8.5 lbs of gold-plated britannium, baby.

@ the time warner center
until march 7th.

‘this is one night I wish I smoked and drank.’
-grace kelly

‘most of all, I want to thank my father, up there,
the man who when I said I wanted to be an actor, he said,
‘wonderful. just have a back-up profession like welding.’
-robin williams, good will hunting

‘i would like to thank my parents, in a little village in italy.
they gave me the biggest gift of poverty.
and I would like to thank them for the lesson of my life.’
-roberto benigni, life is beautiful

‘i was going to thank all the little people,
but then i remembered
i am the little people.’
-paul west, composer


arrow of light

27 . February . 2010

congrats to nathan
(and to cory),
our newly minted boy scout.

last night’s ‘arrow of light’
ceremony marked his
passage from
webelos to boy scouts;

‘a scout is:
and reverent’.

three opportunities

27 . February . 2010

i love biblical parenting’s latest tip:

to hilight three opportunities
for a good attitude

1. when given an instruction
(okay, mom. yes, dad.)

2. when corrected
(i’m sorry)

3. when given a ‘no’ answer
(okay, maybe next time)

and watching out for responses like
stomping feet
rolling eyes
disgusted looks.

cory and i will get right to work on these.

and then after we’re doing
better at this,

maybe we’ll even introduce
them to the

no school

26 . February . 2010

72nd + broadway
friday morning
no school, yessssssss.

our back door

front entryway

our house is on the right.

it’s all him

23 . February . 2010

’tis not that i did choose Thee,
for Lord, that could not be;
this heart would still refuse Thee,
hadst Thou not chosen me…

my heart owns none before Thee,
for Thy rich grace I thirst;
this knowing, if i loved Thee,
Thou must have loved me first.

-josiah conder, 1836

west 57th street
from the 30th floor

hooray for baby lin!
and what a
baby shower.

seventeen voices

22 . February . 2010

the sounds coming out of our apartment tonight

(bad theology check?)

seventeen voices
chiming together in prayer,
beseeching a loving God
to do his work
in us and
through us.

thank you,
brave+willing mom’s group leaders,
for your sacrifices,
your faith,
your hard work and
diligent ways
that help God’s kingdom come
in this city.

i can still hear your
voices ringing in prayer
as i snuggle into bed
with my cory.

‘just as the Son of Man
did not come to
be served
to serve
and to give his life
as a ransom for many.’
matthew 20:28

snowy tuesday morning prayer

16 . February . 2010

o God,
knowing you is eternal life
and serving you is perfect freedom.

now, defend us from everything
inside and outside
that can bring us harm,

and give us peace through trusting in You.

in Jesus’ name,

our very empty school playground

tidying the snow

uno + popcorn = 4 very contented boys.

for a moment, at least.