4 . March . 2010

okay, you know how much
i love fellowship group.

and they know how much
i love fellowship group.

so to say that
we’re taking a couple of months hiatus
from fg (formally) in order to
stay afloat in the other areas of
our life is a wee bit

i know they’ll be in-and-out-and-around
my house informally,
not to mention we’ll worship together
at the 5pm service as usual,
so it’s not going to kill me.

13.5 yrs (and counting)
of fellowship groups,
the hilight of my life.

this morning, i’m remembering:

-popcorn. always popcorn with david rowe.
(airpopped, mmmm.)

-one winter when we lived on 118th st,
and daniel was my
sous chef and helped make and puree soup
for months in a row,
burning our fingers every. single. time.

(he gave me us an immersion blender
for christmas that year;
hotdog that thing is amazing.)

morven’s praying-for-nyc focus
when she helped us each adopt a
section of the city, pray for it specifically
and even prayer-walk in and around it.
(mine was the area around my office,
39th/madison –
grand central to union sq, basically)

-charlie + jeannie and the beginning
of emmanuel church.
(they left the fg to plant a church
in the columbia neighborhood;
they meet in union seminary.)

(ps – way to go, sarah!)

-kyle’s worship leading,
which was the first time i’d
ever heard of ruf.
(‘on jordan’s stormy bank i stand’ and
‘come ye sinners’ give me chills to this day)

-when caroline was born
and we came home from the hosp
that afternoon and when fg came that night
and there she was in my dear merritt’s arms,
not even 24 hrs old,
and already enjoying the warmth of fg life.

-easter brunch the year cory was sick.
i can’t say much more about it
because just writing those words
made me cry.

-they built this house.
did i mention that one?
yeah, gave up their saturdays
(and soft skin) for a solid year
to make an uninhabitable structure
a home.

okay, stop me now
or we’ll be here all day.

i love fellowship group.

i love what God does
in and through fellowship group.

i am glad for how the Lord will carry
our family thru this next season
i can’t wait to start formally meeting
again on the
‘other side’.

other side of the season, that is.

fg in heaven is going to be a
Whole Other Thing.

can you imagine?



4 . March . 2010

our firstborn will turn
at the end of this month.

so i’ve been thinking about him
especially the last two weeks,
about how to help him celebrate
his birthday,
and about the work God
is doing in his life.

he strikes me as so grown up lately.
maybe it’s that he really is
growing in responsibility
right before my eyes,
and even organizationally so;
and also that he had his first
middle school entrance
written essay/oral evaluation
last saturday and that just seems
so grown up.

(the next round is march 11)

thanksbetoGod for our spunky njc.

‘who among the gods is like you,
O Lord?
who is like you–
majestic in holiness,
awesome in glory,
working wonders?’
exodus 15:11

around the campfire,
summer 2009

photocredit: my dad
dowdy lake, co

photocredit: jordyn
garrison, ny