5 . March . 2010


‘i love fridays;
they feel so old-timey
-nathan’s friend, m,
on the whole
gig we do most
fridays after school.

how old-timey
can it be
when they spend the
rest of the time
playing mario kart?

love it.
happy friday.


polygraph lounge

5 . March . 2010

carnegie hall,
playground of sound
with the
polygraph lounge duo.

i laughed so hard
i cried at one point.

and i can’t wait to hear a
car alarm now that they’ve
taught us the ‘car alarm dance’.

the movements go along with the
six different sound-patterns
in the common car alarm:

1. rodeo (swirl your lasso)
2. patty cake (quite quickly)
3. crawl (as in swimming)
4. clock (tick, tock, w/ your arms)
5. make ’em stop
(mimic a police officer stopping traffic repeatedly
alternating right + left hand)
6. ‘monotheistic guilt’
(bow head, fingertips to brow in
bow of shame, then extend arms to sky as if
releasing guilt to god)

cracking me up, guys.

three cheers for patricia’s
superb organizing;
a perfect co-op preschool outing.

photographer-ezra did the best he could
with what we gave him;

patricia, jordyn, shauna, anne marie + youknowwho,
betsy, honor, lydia + remy.

not pictured: sloan (camera left)
and emmy (camera right)

ps –
can’t wait to go back
and take my older kids;
they’ll love it.

remains of the play

5 . March . 2010

‘god of carnage’
last night @ the
bernard jacobs theatre,

poignant +
and the audience
was eating out of
their hands,
laughing right along.

no wonder it won the tony last year.

nicely done.

lucy liu, jeff daniels,
and two others i recognized
but can’t name.

a magical evening
with my carrielove;

i snapped this on our way down the
stairs at the end;
at the beginning of the play
the stage is immaculate.
90-degree angles,
glistening modernity
of stage + cast.

and by the end,
they had completely self-destructed
dismantled the set, to boot.

(get it?
remains of the play?
cory groaned a little bit
when i said it.
you can groan now, too.)

gorgeous portrayal of
self-righteousness +
fallen nature.