an inexact science

7 . March . 2010


like you,
i’m often trying to build margin
into our daily life.

room for kick-back time with the children,
where i’m not scurrying about tidying up
and hurrying them on to the next event,

time with cory to let him rest
and take even a moment
to reflect on the
underlying issues of his heart.

of my heart.

sometimes we lighten schedule,

sometimes we put more of
the ‘right things’
into the schedule,

sometimes we fall into bed
frustrated that we can’t
figure out what it is that
will bring breathing room
in a week that feels
particularly nutso.

i’m thankful this morning for
the reminder,

what sustains the weary?
what gives hope to the downcast?

the Word of the Lord.

“say to my soul,
‘i am your salvation.’ “
psalm 35:3

so as i look at this week,
as cory packs for london,
i look to Him
for margin in my soul.

for words that sustain the weary
and give hope to the downcast.

looking to Him for his beauty,
for his character,
for his presence.

and, as i drink him in,
i’ll ask that He will
guide me as i schedule + plan,
as i sort + re-sort the
day’s activities.

we are yours, Lord;
do with us what you will.