swirly tuesday

9 . March . 2010


3463 miles apart

9 . March . 2010

cory’s view out his london hotel window
this morning.

[his office is the white bldg


and the kids were so helpful this morning.
nathan at one point reminded everyone
that they needed to listen to me as
‘supreme ruler’ this morning since
you were away.

thanks for sharing your title.

ps –
who knew that was your title?

pps –
one of the menu cards
i’m writing this morning has
‘ping pang and pong pork nibbles’
as one of the
line items on
the appetizer cards
and everytime i write it
i chuckle.


ppps –
no kidding.
one line on the other menu card
is tripping me up,
‘agricola querciabella batar, 2006’

and i have to write it,
14 times.

concentrate, kj, concentrate.