liberty of london

11 . March . 2010

hello, liberty!

42nd + 6th until saturday;
you want to go to there.

(b kept wondering where
the toys were.

best of show:
-little girls’ skirts
-little girls’ shirts
-little girls’ tote bags

otherwise noted:
-the liberty-print bike is interesting,
but utterly un-urban friendly.
(read: it’s huge + the handlebar-span is gigantic.)
-i don’t know about the wellies.
overly-floral, possibly?
-the women’s clothing has an
almost-anthropology-but-not vibe.
too loud for the city?



11 . March . 2010


tj’s confirmed!’

check out the specs on
the new 200 west 72 bldg

see the second paragraph,
‘already trader joes…20,000 sq ft…’
uh-huh, that’swhati’msaying.

wws: i put you down for a 3br, okay?

check out the ‘home office’.

aka. ‘the space where we didn’t
put in a closet’

ps –


pps –
114yrs and counting:
wendy’s great-grandma, neva morris
is now the oldest living person in the
united states,
second-oldest in the

ppps –
trader joes, why so hush-hush?

this morning’s puzzle

11 . March . 2010

yesterday’s citywrites, yay.

ps –
praying friends,
n has his middle school entrance
interview/exam this afternoon
at our first choice school.

he had his interview/exam
at our second choice school
a week ago, so he has a bit of
experience under his belt.

our life + times are
in the Lord’s hands
to will + to act
according to His good pleasure.

now, about my sweaty palms...

‘in God, whose word I praise,
in the Lord, whose word i praise–
in God I trust; I will not be afraid.
what can man do to me?’

psalm 56:13

mom’s group tea

11 . March . 2010

can’t take my eyes off the
new juiliard building
in the morning sun,

this last shot should
give you a hint as to
who our speaker was…

the more-than-famous (infamous?)


thanks, t2.

huge props to renee
for organizing our
beautiful morning together.

i love mom’s group.