end of the 2nd trimester

16 . March . 2010

nathan’s fifth-grade teacher,
mrs. c,
is a rock star.

today’s parent-teacher-conf format
was one more example of why
she has ‘teacher o’ the year’
in the bag.

here’s the format she uses:

1. the student is present.
her conferences are
student-teacher-parent conferences.

2. she is seated across from the student
and i’m in the wing-man chair;
it’s an evaluatory-conversation between the two
of them and the parent is there in
more of a ‘coach’ role.


she does individual assessments
throughout the year with each student,
so they’re familiar
with this ‘conference’ format

3. she asks the student,
based on the report card
(she takes notes and agrees
with him while he is talking):

a. what are you proud of this past trimester?
b. where did you struggle this past trimester?
c. how can i help you make the changes
you want for this next season?

4. then the student asks the parent
for their impression of this past
grading period + the report card,
strengths, weaknesses, things to focus
on for the next season of school.

what a pleasure to be
a part of such an
encouraging conference experience
with my oh-so-grown-up fifth-grader.

way to go, mrs. c.

way to go, n;
here’s to your final season
in elementary school, love.

ps –
we hit the sneak preview
of ‘diary of a wimpy kid’
@ 68th st this afternoon.

three words:
save. your. money.

i’m so glad we didn’t
pay to see it.
that’s all i’ll go on the record as saying.