cupcakes in absentia

30 . March . 2010

we’re celebrating your
bday in fine style,

your loving sisters,
c + b


more. drama. please.

30 . March . 2010

here’s the thing:
i love drama.

i know, it’s not a gasp-er,
you’ve known this as long
as you’ve known me.

and here’s the other thing:

the boys are in colorado
having The Time Of Their Little Lives
with my parents this week.

[massive-hugest-ever shout outs
of gratitude + love to our
generous and ever-cheerful
for accompanying 2 male minors
(brave girl!)
on 2 plane flights yesterday;
fedex will deliver your upgraded
angel wings today, i’m sure.
thank you! thank you!]

and without the boys,
and with just cory and me
and 4 + 5 yr old girls,
there’s hardly any drama.

what’s a girl to do?

i miss you, boys.
thanks so so much, mom + dad.

and Happy 11th Birthday,
Nathan Cates!

ps –
here’s exactly how un-dramatic
it is here:

last night cory and i
spent, oh, 2.5 hrs
finishing up our taxes.



no drama whatsoever.

i would’ve thought perhaps
late at night
on a rainy dreary night
could’ve brought some drama.

sadly, none.

cheerful taxes.
no boys.
chipper girls dressed all in pink.

i’m dying here.