more. drama. please.

30 . March . 2010

here’s the thing:
i love drama.

i know, it’s not a gasp-er,
you’ve known this as long
as you’ve known me.

and here’s the other thing:

the boys are in colorado
having The Time Of Their Little Lives
with my parents this week.

[massive-hugest-ever shout outs
of gratitude + love to our
generous and ever-cheerful
for accompanying 2 male minors
(brave girl!)
on 2 plane flights yesterday;
fedex will deliver your upgraded
angel wings today, i’m sure.
thank you! thank you!]

and without the boys,
and with just cory and me
and 4 + 5 yr old girls,
there’s hardly any drama.

what’s a girl to do?

i miss you, boys.
thanks so so much, mom + dad.

and Happy 11th Birthday,
Nathan Cates!

ps –
here’s exactly how un-dramatic
it is here:

last night cory and i
spent, oh, 2.5 hrs
finishing up our taxes.



no drama whatsoever.

i would’ve thought perhaps
late at night
on a rainy dreary night
could’ve brought some drama.

sadly, none.

cheerful taxes.
no boys.
chipper girls dressed all in pink.

i’m dying here.


One Response to “more. drama. please.”

  1. anne marie Says:

    no need to suffer.
    I will happily send down the crosby children.
    with dogs.
    and I’ll send our neighbor Murray in his brown robe with cotton in his ears just for conversation.
    or a conversation piece.

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