13.1 m

31 . March . 2010

the nyc half-marathon,
team skahen’s first of the sort.
(aka. meg + dan,
our favorite brother-sister team)

meanwhile, across the street,
(aka @ lisa/emily/carrie’s)
in their party-ready back yard,
they were prepping signs for
the big race.

fueled by fairway guac + salsa,
lisa presses on.

mile 10 encouragement

16K runners
leave central park

down the west side hwy
to batt park city.

cory + the big kids
biked down the race route
so they could stop+cheer.

bets + i took the train.

yes, he juggled the entire race,
wicked skills.

betsy had a front-row seat
as we cheered at the finish line.

she waited.
she journaled.

we saw some people we knew
across the way.

go, caroline;
she biked 10+ mi that day.

victory, sweet victory.

i run in the path
of your commands
for you have set
my heart free.
psalm 119:32


spring break wednesday

31 . March . 2010

storyhour with mama cho.

ethan, adam + eli
make sure the wii
doesn’t get lonely.

happyjane + happycaroline
played ‘magic tree’,
seemingly oblivious to the
fact that the other half
of the girls’ room is
(can you say ‘four.days.of.rain?’)

to have the singlemindedness of children.

we wrapped the day up with
a second playground trip
(thanks, kramers + taylors)
and thanked the Lord for
a gentle wednesday.

warp + weft

31 . March . 2010

after our sweetshoppe outing
yesterday in nathan’s honor,
we headed to the garment district.

three ladies on a mission.

ric (his sister, rac, was just outside the frame)
get it,
ric + rac?
trimming store humor.

six fabric stores.
two girls with abundant good humor.

(we didn’t find what
we came for, but we
certainly enjoyed ourselves.)

times sq.

ahhh, home.

ps –
if you were listening for key words
in the phone calls we had with
the boys yesterday/today
you might’ve heard:

laser tag
go karts
bumper cars
1077 tickets @ chuckEcheese
lunch outside on the deck

but my favorite phonemoment was
when the girls told henry
that we moved the dollhouse
into the boys room
while they’re away.

i could hear his squealing protest
from 2 feet away.

to the girls delight.

urban word of the day

31 . March . 2010

‘night char i ot’ – n.
a neighbor who rolls around on
his or her desk chair above one’s head
throughout the night.

whitney and oliver in 9C habitually woke
to the grinding sounds of the night chariot,
drew, a computer programmer in 10C
who sprang alive to work from 1 a.m. to 6 a.m.

‘app i tease’ – v.
to have one’s appetite involuntarily stimulated
by a neighbor’s cooking aromas.

ann’s neighbors appitease her several times
a week with their Italian cooking.

‘door duck en’ – v.
avoiding interpersonal contact with
one’s doorman by faking absorption
with a companion, cell phone or pda.

running late for work, sam doorduckened
with his iphone so as not to waste time
defending the jets again.

via brick underground.