warp + weft

31 . March . 2010

after our sweetshoppe outing
yesterday in nathan’s honor,
we headed to the garment district.

three ladies on a mission.

ric (his sister, rac, was just outside the frame)
get it,
ric + rac?
trimming store humor.

six fabric stores.
two girls with abundant good humor.

(we didn’t find what
we came for, but we
certainly enjoyed ourselves.)

times sq.

ahhh, home.

ps –
if you were listening for key words
in the phone calls we had with
the boys yesterday/today
you might’ve heard:

laser tag
go karts
bumper cars
1077 tickets @ chuckEcheese
lunch outside on the deck

but my favorite phonemoment was
when the girls told henry
that we moved the dollhouse
into the boys room
while they’re away.

i could hear his squealing protest
from 2 feet away.

to the girls delight.


One Response to “warp + weft”

  1. msbuckingham Says:

    it was 75 and sunny in greeley today.

    (and yet, i’m missing nyc. strange? yes.)

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