13.1 m

31 . March . 2010

the nyc half-marathon,
team skahen’s first of the sort.
(aka. meg + dan,
our favorite brother-sister team)

meanwhile, across the street,
(aka @ lisa/emily/carrie’s)
in their party-ready back yard,
they were prepping signs for
the big race.

fueled by fairway guac + salsa,
lisa presses on.

mile 10 encouragement

16K runners
leave central park

down the west side hwy
to batt park city.

cory + the big kids
biked down the race route
so they could stop+cheer.

bets + i took the train.

yes, he juggled the entire race,
wicked skills.

betsy had a front-row seat
as we cheered at the finish line.

she waited.
she journaled.

we saw some people we knew
across the way.

go, caroline;
she biked 10+ mi that day.

victory, sweet victory.

i run in the path
of your commands
for you have set
my heart free.
psalm 119:32

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