urban word of the day

31 . March . 2010

‘night char i ot’ – n.
a neighbor who rolls around on
his or her desk chair above one’s head
throughout the night.

whitney and oliver in 9C habitually woke
to the grinding sounds of the night chariot,
drew, a computer programmer in 10C
who sprang alive to work from 1 a.m. to 6 a.m.

‘app i tease’ – v.
to have one’s appetite involuntarily stimulated
by a neighbor’s cooking aromas.

ann’s neighbors appitease her several times
a week with their Italian cooking.

‘door duck en’ – v.
avoiding interpersonal contact with
one’s doorman by faking absorption
with a companion, cell phone or pda.

running late for work, sam doorduckened
with his iphone so as not to waste time
defending the jets again.

via brick underground.

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