byo easter egg hunt

1 . April . 2010

it’s supposed to be sunny+70
on saturday, so consider joining us
for a little central park
easter egg hunting.

when: saturday, april 3rd

11:30am – gather
11:45am – hide + hunt

at least 1 dozen filled eggs
per child that is hunting.

(and then help your child collect
only as many eggs as you brought)

the boulder-and-grassy area just north of
the bowling + croquet lawns,
inside the loop.

if you enter at 72nd st:
when you come to the loop
(aka. west drive, south of 72nd st transverse),
cross over and walk straight ahead.

if you enter at 69th st:
cross over the loop towards sheep meadow
(see the croquet lawn straight ahead of you?)
+ turn left/north.

ps –
feel free to invite your neighbors.
remind them to bring-their-own-eggs.

pps –
pack a picnic for post-hunting
if you’re so inclined.

ppps –
gps on your phone?
enter these coordinates,
40.774056, -73.97488
to get you close enough to see us.

pppps –
lost? call my cell or jordyn’s cell.
(email me if you need the number)

for a laugh: