good morning, tribeca

3 . April . 2010

triple-gold-stars to cory
for the loveliest of
birthday eve’s.

we met in tribeca for a
neighborhood stroll,
dinner, drinks, a few shoppes
and coffee,
before retiring to a
mod little boutique hotel
on duane street
followed by a sunny breakfast
and reminiscing over 19 birthdays
we’ve celebrated together.

(remember our 18th bday bash, meg?
with that cute new baseball player
from north i had just started dating?
so glad that worked out.
for the long run.)

thanks, love.

w bway + duane,
it was as if they knew
it was my bday.

top o’ the morning @ le pain

three cheers for meg
who had a pajama party
with the girls so we
could enjoy ourselves;
t.h.a.n.k. y.o.u.

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