love us some 18-21 yr olds

8 . April . 2010

what a pleasure to host
hungry hungry college kids
for easter brunch.

how adorable are they?!

hooray for ccm,
hooray for mike + sara,
hooray for college students willing
to think carefully about the
gospel of Christ.

and here’s what i learned:
they. can. eat.

notetoself for next time:
the amt of food+drinks on hand.

photocredits: mr. congeniality, aka. orlando

huge props to:
michael, scott,
cory, jordyn, and abe
for all of their hands-on help.

huge huge huge props to
the wednesday west side
mom’s group for partnering
with us to host this gathering;
they paid for all of the
most-delicious ham
and even home-baked
food + desserts for the feast.

thanks, team.

special thanks to
kathy k for the
broccoli casserole + sweet goodies,
there wasn’t a bite left over.
not one.



8 . April . 2010

we collected drinking straws on our
walk home from mom’s grp
and circulars from
western beef +
we’re ready to make a project.

through lisa’s lens

8 . April . 2010

we love our lisa brownie;
hooray for
easter 2010.

first shift @ lisa’s
beautiful+scrumptuous brunch

on our way home after
the amazing 5pm easter service +
at the end of a fabulous
easter day,
we went to lisa’s backyard (again)
and put our feet up and
enjoyed a most delicious dinner
of leftovers + laughter.

colorful colorado

8 . April . 2010

thank you, thank you,
mom + dad,
for giving the boys
an amazing, water-sliding,
bike-riding, gun-shooting,
laser-tag-playing, chick-fil-a-ing,
boulder-climbing, campfire-filled
week with you
in colorado.

ps –
i love that even though there were
three guest bedrooms to choose from,
the boys chose to
sleep in sleeping bags
at the foot of mom + dad’s bed
so they could talk to
grammy + papa
until they all fell asleep
each night.

i would’ve chosen that too.

pps –
em, thanks again, love.
brave girl to take 2 boys
on 4 flights;
you rock.

no offense

8 . April . 2010

‘no offense, mom,
but it looked better than it tasted.
no offense.’

henry, in a supersweet voice,
when offered second-helpings of the
quiche i made for dinner last night.