love us some 18-21 yr olds

8 . April . 2010

what a pleasure to host
hungry hungry college kids
for easter brunch.

how adorable are they?!

hooray for ccm,
hooray for mike + sara,
hooray for college students willing
to think carefully about the
gospel of Christ.

and here’s what i learned:
they. can. eat.

notetoself for next time:
the amt of food+drinks on hand.

photocredits: mr. congeniality, aka. orlando

huge props to:
michael, scott,
cory, jordyn, and abe
for all of their hands-on help.

huge huge huge props to
the wednesday west side
mom’s group for partnering
with us to host this gathering;
they paid for all of the
most-delicious ham
and even home-baked
food + desserts for the feast.

thanks, team.

special thanks to
kathy k for the
broccoli casserole + sweet goodies,
there wasn’t a bite left over.
not one.

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