so, i learned a lesson

14 . April . 2010

remember when we passed on a little
smoke signal,
‘psst –
byo easter egg hunt on saturday,
pass it on’

families showed up.

love it.

and thank goodness for the
most gracious parks employee
who was kind to me when
she let me know that you
need a permit for any
gathering of more than
20 people*.

21-30 days ahead of time.

ohhhh, righty.

which is cracking me up –
as a family of 6,
we almost need a permit
getting together with just
a handful of you guys.


and it also means i need to
figure out what we’re doing
21-30 days
ahead of time.



mary claire, betsy, jane, jabar, lydia, caroline + ezra
enjoy the loot.

(who put the jewelry in?
so cool, a total hit.
easteregg rockstars.)

all sparkly photocredits: jordyn

*in hindsight, i meant to ask her
how old a ‘person’ is –
at what age do children count
toward the total head count?


elbow grease

14 . April . 2010

2 hrs x 20 women* =
that’s one top-to-bottom

the famous mr. tronie + danielle
at the end of our cleaningspectacular;
smell the lemony freshness?

central baptist
(aka. ‘the friendliest church in town’)
has been very gracious in hosting
our mom’s group for 2.5 years now;
thank you.

and today we had the privilige
of doing an on-site service project
(props to christine for
organizing the troops +
hugethanks to patti
our fearless leader

dusting + chatting,
sweeping + joking,
it was fun to labor together.

waytogo, mom’s group.
thanksagain, central baptist.

*welcome, cb + baby a,
what a funny day to have
as your first day of mom’s grp;
we hope you’ll join us
next week under more
normal circumstances.