elbow grease

14 . April . 2010

2 hrs x 20 women* =
that’s one top-to-bottom

the famous mr. tronie + danielle
at the end of our cleaningspectacular;
smell the lemony freshness?

central baptist
(aka. ‘the friendliest church in town’)
has been very gracious in hosting
our mom’s group for 2.5 years now;
thank you.

and today we had the privilige
of doing an on-site service project
(props to christine for
organizing the troops +
hugethanks to patti
our fearless leader

dusting + chatting,
sweeping + joking,
it was fun to labor together.

waytogo, mom’s group.
thanksagain, central baptist.

*welcome, cb + baby a,
what a funny day to have
as your first day of mom’s grp;
we hope you’ll join us
next week under more
normal circumstances.


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