forgive + renew

15 . April . 2010

Lord Jesus Christ,
though being in very nature God,
when you came to redeem us
you humbled yourself and
made yourself nothing.

though you were rich, for our sakes
you became poor,
so that through your poverty
we might become rich.

we confess how unlike you we are
in our attitudes and actions.
we strive for recognition from others,
and we sulk and become bitter
if we do not get it.
we attend to our own needs and concerns,
yet fail to care for others
except when it serves our purposes.

forgive us our sin and renew our hearts.
grant us to realize that we only
achieve greatness and gain our lives
by giving them away.
work in us by the power of your Spirit
so that we become more like you
and so bring glory to our
Father in heaven. Amen.

-from our good friday service


on becoming redundant

15 . April . 2010

pretty soon,
i’ll just be kept on retainer
around here for cuddles,
book reading,
and joke-telling
(ask me about brown-and-sticky).

now that my kiddos are
taking over all of my jobs,
what’s a girl to do?

before school,
nathan starts the laundry,
(i cracked up
the first time he said,
‘mom, we need more oxiclean’),
and the other 3 kiddos rotate between
unloading the dishwasher,
clearing the breakfast dishes,
making our bed.
(the kids have lofts,
so ours is the only
proper bed to be made)

how am i to have a pityparty now?

they’re killing my ability to feel
sorry for myself
by lightning my load.


i refuse to straighten these covers:
this bed represents
15 giggling minutes
and three young children to
get it to look like this.


ps –
over dinner with
andrea + betsy
a few weeks ago,
i had to sit on my hands
to resist the urge to get out my
pen + notebook + start taking
nerdy notes at the table –
i was just drinking in a’s
example of how she so gently
manages housework with her kiddos.

i wrote them down
as soon as i got home.

and started implementing them
moments later.

and here we are,
light-years ahead of
where we were.

keep those examples coming, friends;
we’re in this together.

Big Day

15 . April . 2010

she’s beside herself with excitement,
our caroline is.

today is her First Time on a School Bus.

first time.
huge huge deal
in her book.

henry tried to pop her bubble
by reminding her that they’re
just going to the mus of nat hist
and, really, you should just
walk there,

but she wasn’t taking the bait.

a 10-block ride?
she’ll take it.

beside. herself.
she was.

buses idling.
waiting for excited