forgive + renew

15 . April . 2010

Lord Jesus Christ,
though being in very nature God,
when you came to redeem us
you humbled yourself and
made yourself nothing.

though you were rich, for our sakes
you became poor,
so that through your poverty
we might become rich.

we confess how unlike you we are
in our attitudes and actions.
we strive for recognition from others,
and we sulk and become bitter
if we do not get it.
we attend to our own needs and concerns,
yet fail to care for others
except when it serves our purposes.

forgive us our sin and renew our hearts.
grant us to realize that we only
achieve greatness and gain our lives
by giving them away.
work in us by the power of your Spirit
so that we become more like you
and so bring glory to our
Father in heaven. Amen.

-from our good friday service

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