18 . April . 2010

out of love for those who did not love,
the Father gave the Son,
the Son gave His life,
and the Father and Son together
have sent the Spirit,
to save sinners from misery
lead them into glory.

-the reformation study bible, p. 1663 on ‘love’


cory’s famous

18 . April . 2010

we’re fainting at the smell
emanating from our oven:

cory’s famous apple pie
in the oven
in anticipation of
our dear ms. black’s
arrival later this evening.

superthanks to elena + jandro
for sharing their playmobil
treasures with us;
we’re in heaven.

one nathan under the
lydia-ezra-caroline+pillows pileup.

thank you, volcanic ash

18 . April . 2010

the only good news to come
of the volcanic ash that has
shut down airports across europe?

nicky’s stranded and can’t
get home to london;
which is awesome news for us,
can’t wait to see you, nb.

now, here’s wishing her sister +
brother-in-law + lu + jellybean
were in tow…

p + julia