chelsea retail

28 . April . 2010

it was fun to take mom for
a little saunter down 18th street
to hit some of our favorite shoppes
(a.i. friedman, books of wonder + print icon),
ending up at
paper presentation, of course.

i spy with my little eye,
on the 2nd floor
where the wedding invitations are…

a citywrites section;

thanks to my agent, jsk.



28 . April . 2010

betsy + hipstamatic = love


28 . April . 2010

go, jupiters.

columbus circle

grammy’s bday

28 . April . 2010

just lovely to have mom here
on her actual birthday.


happy birthday, mom!

after the birthday-pancake feast
on our way to school.

tribeca film fest

28 . April . 2010

congrats to kenyon
on his premiere in
‘lucky life’ today.

w/ paige, lisa + meg
12th + 2nd

can we build it?

daniel, honor, kathryn, betsy + caroline
took their role as ‘audience’
very seriously last night
at the cub scout skit night.

returning from ballet practice.

recital on sunday;
can you feel the excitement
in the air?

i thought so.