minuet in G

4 . May . 2010

minuet in g,
my assignment from mrs. goble,
our fearless + fiercelytalented piano teacher.


so while the children
were taking their lessons,
i sat around the corner
(out of sight? hopefully.
but i wanted to listen.)
and read through a few chapters
of scripture from an outline
tim gave us many years
ago + i had penciled in
the front cover of one
of our bibles,
the one i happened to grab
as i ducked out of their

it goes a little something like this:

1. who is god? isaiah 6
2. who is jesus? mark 1
3. what is the kingdom? genesis 3
4. centrality of the gospel, galatians 2
5. idols of the heart, romans 1
6. prayer/spiritual reality, psalm 1
7. gospel character, 1 corinthians 13
8. gospel community, ephesians 2
9. sex, matthew 5
10. money, (apparently i didn’t catch the reference.)
11. the city, jeremiah 29
12. the poor, luke (no chapter listed, oy.)
13. witness, acts 11