people are funny

5 . May . 2010

why is the man doing
full-on calisthenics
in my starbucks?

and though we’re all walking
around him,
of course no one is
mentioning it.

i know you were worried,
what will i do when i lose
my last scrunchie from 1980?

have no fear:
300 days of the year
a mere 400 footsteps from
our front door,
you can replenish your
questionably-fashionable supply for a
Very Reasonable Price.

rest easy, friend.

ps –
my friend, t2, keeps a mental
file called ‘people are funny’
and just tucks things in it
all day long.


pps –
the moral life of babies



5 . May . 2010

betsy + andrea + bobo = love