she was a dancing queen

8 . May . 2010

happy bday, mama cho!

we love love love you.

bon chon for fried ckn
chorus for karaoke
I got in all of the laughing
I need for month.

ps –
my hands-down favorite moments?
abe + scott c. singing a duet on
bryan adams’
‘i’ll be right here waiting for you’

abe doing 2pac
everything jordyn belted;
girl’s got pipes + moves.


One Response to “she was a dancing queen”

  1. jordyn Says:

    my highlights:
    -chris jumping perfectly on cue to the opening of his song even though he was being distracted
    -patti’s, kj’s, and ava’s HUGE smiles during all the songs (even the ones they didn’t know)
    -janice’s & am’s super harmonizing
    -jeff feelin the karaoke more than jen
    -patti wanting to stick around for ‘brown eyed girl’

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