village people

14 . May . 2010

friday night,
met my MainSqueeze
in union square +
sauntered thru the
village before landing
on a 2nd fl terrace
for spicy mexican food;
hothothot, andale!

i’ll follow that man anywhere.
especially if it’s home.

watergun fight

yes, plastic kitchen bowl
as henry’s helmet.

‘it takes a gospel-changed heart to
give help unselfishly to others
it takes a gospel-changed heart to
receive help unashamedly from others.

the gospel removes the
proud self-centeredness
that despises people
who are in weakness.

but it also removes the
proud self-centeredness
that despises and hates
to admit any of your own
weakness + need.’


we were captivated by
the david foster wallace
commencement speech
book last we read thru
at the strand,
an exhortation to self-less-ness,
a call to learn the disciplines
of being unselfish.

tim puts it another way:

‘live in a community where you
not only don’t let others carry their
burdens alone, but also
don’t try to carry
your own load alone!
help others +
let others help you.’



14 . May . 2010

the real question of the day,
the question i asked sara earlier,

are my $10 shades:
1. headband-worthy
2. headband-AND-actual-face worthy?

i’m fine if it’s just number 1;
i expect that of tendollar shades.

but wouldn’t it be peachy
if they could actually block
some reallivesun from my eyes
now and again?

call me crazy.
a girl can hope, right?

ps –
those photos are
kinda weird right?

like totally pretending
i can keep a straight face.

weallknow i can’t pull off that feat
in person,

but in front of a computer
without yourprettyface in front of me,
i can manage to
not smile
for, oh, five seconds, at least.


co-op cuties

14 . May . 2010

oh, we love our preschool cutiepies;
l to r: remy, emmy, honor, lydia, betsy, daniel + sloan

(kisses to jj, not pictured)

her best moment of the week?
pushing her favorite jade
from our house
to the corner
All Of The Way,

words to start the weekend:
‘i’ll give you all night movie marathon
and a triple espresso so you can stay awake,
it might be late
but it’s never too late
for that lovin,
my sexy babe…’

[props to m+j for awesome memories
of seeing cat empire in person
on that darkandrainy timessquare evening,
when you were fresh off a flight from new zealand,
and hearing lullaby In Person.
kiss that belly.]


14 . May . 2010

written on the white board
this morning in henry’s
cute handwriting:

‘250 – 52’

please write your  answer’

and ‘write your answer here
on the other side.

so cory chuckled and responded,

‘198. love, dad

pretty soon i heard a bustling at the
front door as henry went out,
retrieved his backpack, did a little something,
and then re-hung the backpack.

as he came back down the hallway,
i heard him say,

‘you can’t use a calculator
but you can use a family member.
heh heh heh.

file this one under:
awshucks, we didn’t see that coming.

(nathan was in disbelief,
‘you fell for that?
i can’t believe you fell for that.
i saw that coming a mile away.
that’s why i didn’t write anything.’