co-op cuties

14 . May . 2010

oh, we love our preschool cutiepies;
l to r: remy, emmy, honor, lydia, betsy, daniel + sloan

(kisses to jj, not pictured)

her best moment of the week?
pushing her favorite jade
from our house
to the corner
All Of The Way,

words to start the weekend:
‘i’ll give you all night movie marathon
and a triple espresso so you can stay awake,
it might be late
but it’s never too late
for that lovin,
my sexy babe…’

[props to m+j for awesome memories
of seeing cat empire in person
on that darkandrainy timessquare evening,
when you were fresh off a flight from new zealand,
and hearing lullaby In Person.
kiss that belly.]

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