14 . May . 2010

written on the white board
this morning in henry’s
cute handwriting:

‘250 – 52’

please write your  answer’

and ‘write your answer here
on the other side.

so cory chuckled and responded,

‘198. love, dad

pretty soon i heard a bustling at the
front door as henry went out,
retrieved his backpack, did a little something,
and then re-hung the backpack.

as he came back down the hallway,
i heard him say,

‘you can’t use a calculator
but you can use a family member.
heh heh heh.

file this one under:
awshucks, we didn’t see that coming.

(nathan was in disbelief,
‘you fell for that?
i can’t believe you fell for that.
i saw that coming a mile away.
that’s why i didn’t write anything.’


2 Responses to “schnookered”

  1. laurel Says:

    CLEVER!! Hahaha!!

  2. morveniona Says:

    This made me laugh and laugh and laugh!! It’s so Henry!! And Nathan’s response – so Nathan!! Oh I miss you Cates people!!

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