summer playground master schedule

20 . May . 2010

dear west side community,
(mom’s grp + beyond)

i’m going to attempt this.

attempt to merge the three mom’s groups’
summer playground schedules
so we can see as many friends,
new + old,
between 9am and 1pm
on these dates below…

24 may, mon, hippo playground (91st + rsd)
26 may, wed, hippo and river run (1-3pm)
31 may, memorial day

2 june, wed, hippo
7 june, mon, adventure (68 + cpw, upper playground) or 100th st playground (at cpw)
9 june, wed, hippo
14 june, mon, elephant (76 + rsd) or rudin (96 + cpw)
16 june, wed, hippo
21 june, mon, children’s petting zoo (10am sharp) later into the zoo
23 june, wed, hippo
28 june, mon, hecksher (cpsouth + 7th ave) or 100 st playground (at cpw)
30 june, wed, hippo

5 july, mon, hippo
7 july, wed, river run (83 + rsd)
12 july, mon, wild west playground (93 + cpw) or river run
14 july, wed, river run
19 july, mon, elephant (76 + rsd) or rudin (96 + cpw)
21 july, wed, river run
26 july, mon, tot lot 105 (105 + rsd) or adventure (68 + cpw)
28 july, wed, river run

2 aug, mon, spector (86 + cpw)
4 aug, wed, museum of natural history (sprinklers on the 2nd fl terrace)
9 aug, mon, 100 st playground (at cpw) or river run
11 aug, wed, nat hist sprinklers
16 aug, mon, dinosaur (96 + rsd) or adventure (68 + cpw)
18 aug, wed, nat hist sprinklers
23 aug, mon, hippo
25 aug, wed, nat hist sprinklers
30 aug, mon, rudin (96 + cpw) or hecksher (cpsouth + 7th ave)

6 sept, labor day
13 sept, mon, spector (86 + cpw)

. hooray for summer 2010 .

ps –
bring a friend.


4 Responses to “summer playground master schedule”

  1. if ohio to nyc weren’t so far of a commute, i’d definately hit all of the nat. hist. sprinkler dates!!

  2. cindy Says:

    Thanks for posting KJ. If you need more park this Wed., the 26th, come to River Run from 1-3 and find the homeschool moms!… that’s if the weather is good.

  3. andrea Says:

    you are so awesome kj!!!!!!
    i will try to make at least one of those!! how fun!

  4. Karen Says:

    EXCELLENT idea!! thanks!!

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