children of vision

25 . May . 2010

cory recently mentioned seeing the
‘children of vision’ video and
how great it was +
i was scratching my head,
why had i never seen it?

it’s precious.

it’s a bundle of everyone i love
right on one tidy video
complete w/ photos of
when they were little.

a must-see.

the best part:
the outtakes at the end
w/ marco dancing,
zoe giving a shout out to the muffins,
the mental image of
michael sneaking mouth-fulls
of jellybeans @ the demoss house.

children of vision video


on different priorities

25 . May . 2010

from anne marie’s wise friend,

‘… God has had me on a road
learning to surrender my ‘want-to’s’
for His plans;

i want to have peace and quiet,
He plans for discussions of the heart,

i want to be alone,
He plans for togetherness,

i want the house clean,
He is after saved & surrendered lives,

I want everyone to just behave,
He wants everyone to
fall in love with Him
which generally requires
sin acknowledgement
and redemption.’

ps –
did i mention we saw ‘robin hood’?