sunset + s’mores

30 . June . 2010

sunsets in the
hudson valley
fill my soul.


trois cerf

28 . June . 2010

the first cannonball
of the summer.

garrison, new york

coffee + a read.

as if there was time to lounge
when there’s so much
to be done.

mama’s swim-up snack bar.

to my mom’s grp exec+directors
for the fancypedicure +
happy beach towel,
a sweet+sassy start to the summer.

see the deer?

sparkly henry

lazyhazy breakfast.

morning church

27 . June . 2010

a rare occasion for us,
morning church.

the best part is seeing
friends we don’t see often.

mr. + mrs. gregory phelan

26 . June . 2010

rev. milind sojwal (our neighbor),
rev. tolivar wills,
all angels church.

victory in jesus,
holy holy holy,
near the cross, +
blessed assurance;
spectacular hymns.

now we party.

congrats, you two.

less me, more Him

26 . June . 2010

so, yesterday was the last day of school
for our family (we’re skipping monday, shhhh).

hello, summertime.

and last night,
all of my summer ‘to do’ lists
came crashing down on my

lying in bed,
trying to sleep,
the transcript looked something
like this:

x needs help with math,
y needs to develop more reading strategies,
z needs emotional control so she doesn’t
dissolve into tears at the slightest frustration.

a needs growth in the area of responsibility,
to see the task + carry it to completion with
all of his heart,
b needs some new communication strategies,
c could use some refined listening skills,
d needs some serious manners bootcamp,

and so on,
ad nauseam,
ad infinitudm.

and, left unchecked,
that mental list of ‘i can/i should figure out
how to help and solve these things’
is going
to be my downfall.

i have to stop.

to run to prayer.
to refuse to lean on my own understanding
and instead
to run to the One Who Understands
and pour out my heart to him,

to take great comfort in the psalms
to rest in God’s ultimate care for
me and for this family.

fewer lists + worries,
more prayer + resting.

less ‘i can fix this
more ‘oh, God, please help us.’
‘savior of sinners,
have mercy on us.
we need you.’

[can you kindly add that to
your prayer list for us?]

ahhhh, summertime;
here we go.

ps –
this picture has nothing to do
with our summer vacation.

a girl can dream.

seven year old sage

26 . June . 2010

truth be told

24 . June . 2010

i hate change.

the renew campaign has felt
exciting up to this point,
and now it feels
downright painful.

theory to reality,

i love the idea
but am realizing how
out of control
i feel,

exhale slowly and
grab a tissue.

must force myself to
trust in God today
than to indulge in
that fruitless trifecta,
doubt + fear + worry.

might be helpful to force-feed
my soul hymns today to
reinforce said trusting.

jesus, i am resting, resting,
in the joy of what thou art;
i am finding out the greatness
of thy loving heart.

thou has bid me gaze upon thee,
as thy beauty fills my soul,
for by thy transforming power,
thou has made me whole.

o how great thy lovingkindness,
vaster, broader than the sea!
o how marvelous thy goodness
lavished all on me!

jesus, i am resting, resting,
in the joy of what thou art;
i am finding out the greatness
of thy loving heart.’

-jean sophia pigott, 1876.

ps –
after scripture + hymns,
another source of comfort:

the harvard business review.

management articles are my
guilty pleasure.

optimistic, theoretical,
inspiring change, yesplease.

evolution + revolution as organizations grow.

strangely comforting this morning.

pps –
this one is laminated + hanging
in our shower currently.

me? insensitive jerk?
i can totally see that.

resting +

80 degrees @ 5:29am?
a doozie.

we love ms. c.

fifth grade graduation.

isaac, sam + marc,
nathan’s buddies;
i love these sweet guys.
pls stay 11 yrs old forever?