kari jo

memorial day


4 scooters +
2 adults on foot =
one urban family on the move

our destination:
the uss iwo jima

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this will not be our
family christmas photo.

an AH-1W

thanks to lt col hackett
for sharing his supersweet ride.

flightdeck family

riding bob-the-builder @ joseph pharmacy
will never be quite the same.

the antidote to 2 sunshiny hrs atop
the blazing.hot. flight deck
of a [spectacular] amphibious assault ship?

a glorious hour of
kayaking on the perfectly
cool+breezy hudson.

special thanks to
cory’s grandpa (us navy retired),
my little brother (hmx-1 pilot),
cory’s little brother (us navy, mit operations research).

well done, guys, well done.