awww, shucks, ladies,
i’m so superfond of these gorgeous girls.

what a rock-star preschool year.

we loved every minute +
are so sad to see this sweet year
pass by so quickly.

thank you for your herculean efforts, my friends;
and big kisses to miss kate,
our fearless + oh-so-talented music teacher.

three cheers for co-op preschool.


enter hell’s kitchen

2 . June . 2010

thanks to amelia for including
the hell’s kitchen mom’s grp
playground dates to make this
a true master schedule;
well done, team.

1 june, tues, hell’s kitchen (10th Avenue btwn 47th and 48th)
2 june, wed, hippo
7 june, mon, adventure (68 + cpw, upper playgrnd) or 100th st playgrnd (@ cpw)
8 june, tues, clement clarke moore (10th Avenue btwn 21st and 22nd)
9 june, wed, hippo
14 june, mon, elephant (76 + rsd) or rudin (96 + cpw)
15, june, tues, heckscher (7th Avenue entrance to Central Park)
16 june, wed, hippo
21 june, mon, children’s petting zoo (10am sharp) later into the zoo
22 june, tues, rockefeller (Hudson River Park/Battery Park City)
23 june, wed, hippo
28 june, mon, hecksher (cpsouth + 7th ave) or 100 st playground (at cpw)
29 june, tues central park zoo (Central Park South & 5th Avenue)
30 june, wed, hippo

5 july, mon, hippo
6 july, tues, mccaffrey (43rd Street btwn 8th and 9th)
7 july, wed, river run (83 + rsd)
12 july, mon, wild west playground (93 + cpw) or river run
13 july, tues, madison square park (25th btwn 5th and Madison)
14 july, wed, river run
19 july, mon, elephant (76 + rsd) or rudin (96 + cpw)
20 july, tues, W 67th St (Just in Central Park at W. 67th Street)
21 july, wed, river run
26 july, mon, tot lot 105 (105 + rsd) or adventure (68 + cpw)
27 july, tues, union square (16th Street and Union Square East)
28 july, wed, river run

2 aug, mon, spector (86 + cpw)
3 aug, tues, dewitt clinton (Enter 52nd Street and 11th Avenue)
4 aug, wed, museum of natural history (sprinklers on the 2nd fl terrace)
9 aug, mon, 100 st playground (at cpw) or river run
10 aug, tues sandbox (28th Street btwn 8th and 9th Avenues)
11 aug, wed, nat hist sprinklers
16 aug, mon, dinosaur (96 + rsd) or adventure (68 + cpw)
17 aug, tues, heckscher (7th Avenue entrance to Central Park)
18 aug, wed, nat hist sprinklers
23 aug, mon, hippo
24 aug, tues, vesuvio (spring & thompson)
25 aug, wed, nat hist sprinklers
30 aug, mon, rudin (96 + cpw) or hecksher (cpsouth + 7th ave)

6 sept, labor day
13 sept, mon, spector (86 + cpw)


2 . June . 2010

from jonathan edwards’ resolutions,

no. 65:

resolved, very much to exercise myself in this, all my long life, viz.
with the greatest openness, of which i am capable of,
to declare my ways to God,
and lay open my soul to him:

all my sins, temptations, difficulties, sorrows,
fears, hopes, desires, and every thing,
and every circumstance;
according to dr. manton’s 27th sermon on ps 119.

-j. edwards
july 26 + aug 10, 1723.

which reminds me of two special verses this week:

‘o Lord,
be gracious to us;
we long for you.

be our strength every morning,
our salvation in time of distress.’
isaiah 33:2


‘may your mercy come quickly to meet us,
for we are in desperate need.’
psalm 79:8

and speaking of difficulties + sorrows…
did you know you can book an hour
of counseling with dr. turansky?
(as in mr. biblical parenting,
one of our favorite resources ever?)

you can + we did + it was
ridiculously helpful and encouraging.

the night before, c + i brainstormed
(and he articulated + typed out)
our top five areas of current concern/frustration
regarding our family dynamics and i spent an hour
asking questions and taking fast-paced notes
with scott’s wisdom.

wow, sign me up for that one again soon.

ps –
it’s super straightforward.
call them to schedule your hour;
you won’t regret it.

pps –
google dr. manton’s 27th sermon.

our first [only?] strawberry
of the season.

caroline spit it out after a timid bite,
citing, ‘tastes funny’ as
the reason for rejection.

it really doesn’t show well in
the picture, but c’s breakfast
creation resembled a
(wait for it)
siberian tiger.

trust me, it did.