ny to la, with love

10 . June . 2010

we’ll miss you,
our dear stylish generous loving
[and jason and noah and lucas].

look out, LA,
you’re in for a treat.

serena’s banana bread
made with homemade almond milk
renee’s apple tartlets.


an important pause for prayer,
reminding ourselves that
He hems their family in
behind + before.

psalm 139:5

photocredit: a not-so-sleepy caroline


hula bday

10 . June . 2010

we thought about it +
then just went with a
simple ribbon.

we couldn’t get our mind around
gift-wrapping hula hoops.

tasty party prep

10 . June . 2010

we’re making ricotta + strawberry faux-tarts
a la smitten kitchen.

getting ready for sarah’s
farewell party tonight.

sure to be a happyandsad-but-delicious affair in the garden.

she’s headed to sunny CA,
like so many people we love.

[rain, rain, go away]

breathing room

10 . June . 2010

no school today,

he found the sequel to jurassic park
at the bookseller’s table @ the end of our street.


the look of summer.

in one blink of my eyes
they’re going to be
too cool,
too sophisticated
for double-swinging.

but not today.

today it’s all about double-swinging.
brother-sister style.