breathing room

10 . June . 2010

no school today,

he found the sequel to jurassic park
at the bookseller’s table @ the end of our street.


the look of summer.

in one blink of my eyes
they’re going to be
too cool,
too sophisticated
for double-swinging.

but not today.

today it’s all about double-swinging.
brother-sister style.


2 Responses to “breathing room”

  1. Meghan Says:

    yay for summer and park time!!!
    these are some really great pics kj! loving all of the cool effects! teach me master 🙂

  2. paula kaye Says:

    our older ones would double swing if they could, they’re just too big!! I am choking myself up thinking of my little ones being too big someday……….thank you kj for so beautifully reminding me to savor each moment. love to you!!!!

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