nothing sexy, nothing new

15 . June . 2010

earlier, a friend texted to ask what was on my
summer reading list,

nothing sexy,
nothing new,
everything helpful.

. parenting is heart work (of course. as always), turansky + miller.

. grace based parenting, tim kimmel.

. how children raise parents, dan allender.

. how to talk confidently with your child about sex, lenore buth.

. the price of privilege, madeleine levine

. creation regained, al wolters.

kids’ read alouds:

. red sails to capri, ann weil.

. under the hawthorne tree, conlon-mckenna.

. the story of the world, vol 2, susan wise bauer.

and, after today’s spectacularly-helpful
training with the fabulous+wise lc,

. nurture by nature, tieger.

nothing sexy,
nothing new,
everything helpful.

y tu?


3 Responses to “nothing sexy, nothing new”

  1. laurel sauls Says:

    I am working my way through Grace Based Parenting too.
    And, A Woman After God’s Own Heart. And two biblestudies, working through Proverbs and James. I am also thinking of picking up the Twilight Series before the third movie comes out 🙂

  2. Karen Says:

    Jandro read Under the Hawthorn Tree in co-op this year. Definitely very sad!

  3. cindy Says:

    Red Sails to Capri is great, loved IT! but Under the Hawthorn Tree was way too sad.

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