no ‘and then’

20 . June . 2010

the last two weeks feel like
i’m in a fight with the
‘and then’ lady.

remember her?

we do what the calendar says +
then when we report back,
the calendar keeps saying,
‘and then’

and we go again.

and then the end-of-school-year calendar says,
‘and then’
and off we go again.

uncle! mercy!
i give up!

we’re almost there.
one more week of too-much-happiness to go.

boy scouts awards ceremony.

fresh-from-california, anita!
a total hilight.

and henry’s last game + trophy ceremony.

c + mc take shelter
under 1/2 a fresh direct box.

resourceful urban girls.

rain rain go away,
pioneer girls end-of-year-picnic
in the rain + then in the
hannah + abby’s bouncy castle.

coach cory’s + player nathan’s
last game.

ravens = undefeated for the season.
well done!

henry’s 2nd grade chorus concert
just days after
nathan’s 5th grade chorus concert
on that very stage.

tra-la-la, boys.

these two have been game
for so many ceremonies + concerts
in the past two weeks;
well done, built-in-audience members.
we love you.

gymnastics end-of-year show.

henry’s tuck-jump dismount.

[he stuck the landing.]

three siblings on the parallel bars.


a summer’s eve dinnerparty?
inhale. exhale.

the central park view
from kim’s living room.
oohhh, la la.

meghan’s apt on the left)

cp + the east side.

72 + bway

see church?
79 + bway, just beyond the apthorp.

dessert on the roofdeck.

looking down 72nd to columbus circle.

well,hello, jersey.

jules, amy, wendy, kim +

and then,
and then…

ps –
on a serious note,
we’re trying to think through
how to best handle the
end-of-school-year thing
in the future.

esp considering that we’re
a family of 4 children,
and each-and-every (seemingly)
activity anyone is in has
some sort of end-of-year-something.

we’re going to have to choose
wisely + premeditately
what to hit,
what to miss,
how to make wise decisions
on what to participate in and
what to sit out of.

or what part of the family should do
but not make everyone go to everything.

which is sort of how this month went.


or maybe i’m the only feeling it?!
and they’re loving it?


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