23 . June . 2010

hippo playground
lollygagging at the monument.


lead pastor announcement

22 . June . 2010

did you get the email?

here it is in its entirety:

from: redeemer presbyterian church
sent: tuesday, june 22, 2010 7:14 PM
subject: lead pastor announcement

from: tim keller & redeemer session
to: redeemer members
re: redeemer names new lead pastors

dear friends,

since the launch of the RENEW campaign last fall our church has taken several major
steps towards realizing the future laid out during the campaign. the vision is to
multiply redeemer into several congregations that take responsibility to reach
different neighborhoods in manhattan. one of the main tasks the elders were
given was to search and select new Lead Pastors, each of whom would direct one
congregation under my leadership, and who would share the preaching
ministry in that congregation with me. for nine months we have looked both
within our church and across the country to find these pastors.

we had hoped to find three qualified ministers and therefore our original plan
was to launch three redeemers in the near future. however, today we are excited
to announce that the search process is complete and we have found four pastors
able and called to lead our congregations. we intend to have one congregation
on the East Side, two on the West Side, and one in the southern part of Manhattan.
after a tremendous amount of prayer from literally hundreds of people in our
congregation and on staff, we feel assured that God has called these four men
to be our new Lead Pastors.

please join the session in giving a warm and excited welcome to:

Rev. David Bisgrove,
Rev. John Lin,
Rev. Scott Sauls and
Rev. Leo Schuster.

before introducing the men to you below, first please save this date –
September 22, 2010 7:00PM.
on that evening we will hold a special service where we will begin the
process of forming four congregations with these lead pastors.

the assignment for each congregation is as follows:

West (South of 83rd) – Rev. David Bisgrove:
David first began attending Redeemer in 1989 and was a founding member,
trustee and elder. He began working at Redeemer in 1999 as the Director of
Finance and Administration. While serving in that capacity he commuted to
Westminster Seminary in Philadelphia where he earned a M.Div. in 2005.
Since then David has overseen Worship, Evangelism, Prayer and the Family
Ministry. He has led efforts such as The Well, Beta Groups for seekers, and
Christianity Uncorked. David also holds an MBA and MPH from Columbia University
and prior to joining Redeemer worked for 10 years in finance and administration at
Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and Columbia’s Medical School.
David and his wife Alice have two daughters Mary Claire and Charlotte.

South – Rev. John Lin:
John joined Redeemer eight and a half years ago to serve as a Fellowship Group Director.
In recent years he has transitioned to a new role where he now oversees the development
of a discipleship pathway at Redeemer (including the development of the Gospel in Life
discipleship curriculum), membership and mid-sized groups. Prior to coming to New York,
he was the English minister of a Korean church in Hartford, Connecticut. He has a M.Div.
and Th.M. in biblical theology from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary.
He and his wife Kyoko have one daughter Sophie.

West (North of 83rd) – Rev. Scott Sauls:
Scott Sauls began serving at Redeemer in October, 2007 as the Senior Director of
Community Formation. In this role, Scott works with the Directors of Redeemer’s
Fellowship Groups, Diaconate, and Counseling ministries. He also facilitates the
Elder Shepherding Team. Scott received his BA in Business Administration from
Furman University, and a M.Div. from Covenant Theological Seminary. Before coming
to Redeemer, Scott spent twelve years in Kansas City and Saint Louis where he planted,
organized and was Senior Pastor of two churches. While in Saint Louis, Scott was also an
Advanced Homiletics (Preaching) Instructor at Covenant Theological Seminary. He and
his wife Patti have two daughters Abigail and Ellie, and two neurotic hamsters
named Cookie and Rascal.

East – Rev. Leo Schuster:
Leo is a native Texan with a lifelong love of New York. He graduated from the
University of Texas and worked in his father’s financial services firm prior to
entering the ministry. He received his seminary education from Dallas
Theological Seminary and Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia.
He started the RUF (Reformed University Fellowship) campus ministry at
Southern Methodist University and served as the college pastor at Park Cities
Presbyterian Church in Dallas from 1993-1996. In 1997 Leo planted Christ
the King Presbyterian Church in central Houston and has served there until now as
the senior minister of this 1100 member church. He is a founding member and
former chairman of the Southwest Church Planting Network and is the Vice Chairman
of the Redeemer Theological Seminary Board of Trustees. Leo and his wife Ellen
were married in 1988 and are blessed with three daughters:
Anna, Margaret, and Mary Caroline.

during the summer we will begin the work of organizing leadership and officers
into four distinct teams and over the next 12 months we will need you to step
up and serve in the areas you are gifted so that each congregation is ready to
launch some time in 2011.

remember that although we will become four neighborhood-based congregations,
we will still be one church under one Session and we will work side by side in many
areas of ministry as one unified body seeking to renew this city with the gospel.
I can’t wait to see what God will do next through this extraordinary community
he has brought together to live and serve here in NYC.

thanks so much for praying for this.

sincerely in Him,
tim keller

snack attack

22 . June . 2010

snack + craft
ready + waiting
for caroline + two classmates
happily playing ‘princess family’

but the boys beat them to the table.



22 . June . 2010

a triple-bday-smash
and farewell to our
jepson family.

may the Lord meet your every need,
and may sweet baby jepson stay put
until you’ve landed + settled,
even for a day or two.

congrats, justin + ka’i;
we love you + thank God for your
life and ministry in nyc.

ballooning around:
caroline, william + madison
in their ‘clubhouse’
under a table.

a garden soiree

22 . June . 2010

happy birthday to our
favorite carrie love.

it was a balmy, breezy saturday evening
in carrie/lisa/emily’s backyard…

emily’s famous blueberry cobbler
as party favors.

to carrie…

abby’s germanchocolatecake extravaganza.
(think: bananas + cashews + coconut)

the roomies.

bday girl + merritt-the-talented;
well done! well done.


we love you, cjl.

no ‘and then’

20 . June . 2010

the last two weeks feel like
i’m in a fight with the
‘and then’ lady.

remember her?

we do what the calendar says +
then when we report back,
the calendar keeps saying,
‘and then’

and we go again.

and then the end-of-school-year calendar says,
‘and then’
and off we go again.

uncle! mercy!
i give up!

we’re almost there.
one more week of too-much-happiness to go.

boy scouts awards ceremony.

fresh-from-california, anita!
a total hilight.

and henry’s last game + trophy ceremony.

c + mc take shelter
under 1/2 a fresh direct box.

resourceful urban girls.

rain rain go away,
pioneer girls end-of-year-picnic
in the rain + then in the
hannah + abby’s bouncy castle.

coach cory’s + player nathan’s
last game.

ravens = undefeated for the season.
well done!

henry’s 2nd grade chorus concert
just days after
nathan’s 5th grade chorus concert
on that very stage.

tra-la-la, boys.

these two have been game
for so many ceremonies + concerts
in the past two weeks;
well done, built-in-audience members.
we love you.

gymnastics end-of-year show.

henry’s tuck-jump dismount.

[he stuck the landing.]

three siblings on the parallel bars.


a summer’s eve dinnerparty?
inhale. exhale.

the central park view
from kim’s living room.
oohhh, la la.

meghan’s apt on the left)

cp + the east side.

72 + bway

see church?
79 + bway, just beyond the apthorp.

dessert on the roofdeck.

looking down 72nd to columbus circle.

well,hello, jersey.

jules, amy, wendy, kim +

and then,
and then…

ps –
on a serious note,
we’re trying to think through
how to best handle the
end-of-school-year thing
in the future.

esp considering that we’re
a family of 4 children,
and each-and-every (seemingly)
activity anyone is in has
some sort of end-of-year-something.

we’re going to have to choose
wisely + premeditately
what to hit,
what to miss,
how to make wise decisions
on what to participate in and
what to sit out of.

or what part of the family should do
but not make everyone go to everything.

which is sort of how this month went.


or maybe i’m the only feeling it?!
and they’re loving it?


sweep the leg

20 . June . 2010

happy father’s day, c;
karate kid style.

complete w ninja outfits
from harry’s rad bday bash yesterday;
weloveyou, hh.

i cried no fewer than
three times.