climb on

20 . June . 2010

henry can’t stop climbing
after seeing the crosby’s friend
do this:



ya gotta have faith

20 . June . 2010

long island city vantage point.

elders’ + pastors’ wives brunch
on deb + larry’s sunny penthouse terrace;
oohh la la + thankssomuch.

(yes, a breeze + sunshine,
my heart is full.)

drinking in the wisdom from
kathy, carole, priscilla, missy-the-organizer-extraordinaire,
patti, carol, carrie, jordyn, and joanne,

and a helpful discussion on faith,
what it isn’t + what it is.

hebrews 10+11,

faith in what God has planned
what i have planned.

aka. He knows what he’s doing +
He is both good and powerful;
His purposes can never be foiled or thwarted.

ole hallesby’s book on prayer came up,
helplessness does not equal hopelessness.

remembering tim’s series on ‘meditation’
and the 5 questions he helps
us ask of scripture
the last of which is,
‘if you really believed this,
how would this change your life?’

special thanks to joanne for
my tour of  peter cooper village.

sweet six

20 . June . 2010

happy bday, smiley abby!

half of daniel, eli, abby, skylar, caroline, anne, betsy + ella,
a few of the oh-so-happy revelers.

may the Word of God
dwell in your richly, sweetpea.

col 3:16

cherry garcia

18 . June . 2010

free ben & jerry’s until 4pm,
68th & bway.

milk+cookies was our flavor.

early dismissal

17 . June . 2010

romping in fields of honeysuckle
with jandro + elena.

elena drew caroline’s picture.

could a little girl feel any more special
than to have your Big Girl Idol
draw your picture?

thanks, e.

um, it might’ve looked
bigger in the box?

puppysitting, betsy’s highest honor;
we love junior jennings.

nothing sexy, nothing new

15 . June . 2010

earlier, a friend texted to ask what was on my
summer reading list,

nothing sexy,
nothing new,
everything helpful.

. parenting is heart work (of course. as always), turansky + miller.

. grace based parenting, tim kimmel.

. how children raise parents, dan allender.

. how to talk confidently with your child about sex, lenore buth.

. the price of privilege, madeleine levine

. creation regained, al wolters.

kids’ read alouds:

. red sails to capri, ann weil.

. under the hawthorne tree, conlon-mckenna.

. the story of the world, vol 2, susan wise bauer.

and, after today’s spectacularly-helpful
training with the fabulous+wise lc,

. nurture by nature, tieger.

nothing sexy,
nothing new,
everything helpful.

y tu?


14 . June . 2010

i’m living vicariously thru
michael + sara’s uk adventure.

i want to go to there.

m knew we’d appreciate this one.

we miss you,
but don’t hurry home;
take your sweet sweet time.