31 . July . 2010

different kitchen.
same Breakfast Master.

the trains rumble by
at regular intervals.

we’re intrigued.

outdoor movie,
‘back to the future’

(henry’s first viewing)

a wild-west shoot-em-up game
involving nerf guns +
nerves of steel.

morning journaling;
we write/draw something we
enjoyed yesterday and then
go show daddy before moving
out into today
to make new thankful memories.


2 + 1 + 1

30 . July . 2010

2 girls +
1 grandpa +
1 hose/babypool combo

1, 2, 3

30 . July . 2010

crown center
downtown kansas city

kaleidoscope rocks.

boys are at worlds of fun.


29 . July . 2010

crickets and birds
are my auditory companions
while I sit on their back deck
w coffee + scripture.

thanks be to God for
his indescribable gift!
II cor 9:15

(am I overstating it?)


29 . July . 2010

they served coffee and cookies
on the plane,
how civilized.

and monica, james, and
erin were on our flight,
to boot.

snuggled up in gma and gpa cates
beds, we are.

let the vacation games begin.

she was saying,
‘i’m a gangsta.
a gangsta sistah.’

to her brother’s delight
and her dad’s amusement.

pack-y crazy

28 . July . 2010

the hustle+bustle of
prepping to take this
family-of-six on the road
for five weeks
might be getting the better of me

thankfully, God has given nathan
extra doses of good humor +
sibling-help + teamwork today.


thank you, njc.

8pm flight,
here we come.

fourteen and counting

27 . July . 2010

nineteen years ago february,
i accepted a date with a
handsome seventeen yr old
from a rival high school.


fourteen years ago today
i became mrs. cory james cates,



ps –
hello, memory lane:

married  in kansas city,
1.5wk honeymoon in puerto vallarta,
a week in portland,
a week in colorado
and a road trip to nyc;

a whirlwindy 4 wks after our wedding,
we settled into our 112th + broadway apt,
cory started at columbia,
and we found redeemer
soon afterward;
home, indeed.

finding my way as a wife
finding my way in new york
finding my way in the gospel
are inextricably intertwined,
in the very best way.

senior prom, 1992

kindly excuse the iphone
pictures of the framed
photos on our wall.

we’ve come a long way, baby.