summer camp

3 . July . 2010

we [sadly-but-SO-gratefully] returned to the
Real World
this morning
and i swung into full
‘get-the-boys-ready-for-camp’ mode
as we head out tomorrow
(think: upstate new york,
3.5 hrs each way).

and at one point in my
mad dash for bug spray + athletic shorts,
i nipped in for a icyiced coffee,
chatted with the cheery coffee-magician,
and it was an hour later
as i stood in line at yet another store
that i realized
i had never
grabbed my refreshingdrink.

oy, vacation-brain.

ps –
i’m grateful for what chris compiled,
a reminder for us to pray
for all of our children
heading to christian camps
throughout the summer:

That they encounter Christ in a new and living way:
Philippians 3:7-11

That they form new and invest in growing friendships that
encourage them in the things of God: Hebrews 3:13

That they develop good habits of seeking God in His word:
Psalm 1, John 1:14

That they marvel at the beauty of creation and recognize the
Father’s glory and majesty in what He has made: Psalm 104

That they accept one another and themselves as Christ
as accepted them: Romans 15:5-7

That they realize He is their Good Shepherd and they hear His voice.
He is the vine and they are the branches: John 10:1-5, John 15

That all their desires are met in Jesus: John 6:35-40
That they would love the Lord and not the world: 1 John 2:15-17

thanks, cw.

pps –
i returned to said starbucks
and i barely said 5 apologetic words
before the barista
had an iced drink in my hand.

what service.

ppps –
the kids were SO glad to
see ethan + jane for an afternoon;
sometimes awesomesummervacation =
missing your friends.

when i returned home from
mad-dash-erranding all over
the upper west side,

cory had not only had a fun cookout,
but he’d already given the boys
their camp haircuts.

well done, mi amor,
very well done.