12 . July . 2010

sometimes a girl
just wants to be
‘fancy’ for church.

we do love our
from our easter baskets.

ps –
for the record,
it was an amazing service.

let’s try to block from our minds
the [seeming? actual?] 105 degree
heat inside that beautiful [old] sanctuary.


again i say rejoice
a new song
and can it be
give me jesus
the power of the cross (distribution of the bread)
near the cross (distribution of the cup)

prayer of confession,

most holy + merciful Father,
we acknowledge before you our sinful nature
and our many offenses. we are prone to do
evil and slow to do good. you alone know how
often we have sinned in wandering from your way,
in wasting your gifts, in forgetting your love.

Lord, we are ashamed and sorry for all the ways
we have displeased you. Father, teach us to hate our
rebellious acts, cleanse us from our secret faults, and
forgive our sins for the sake of your Son.

help us to love you with all our heart and mind and strength.
and give us the power of your Holy Spirit so that we may
walk in your ways and serve you all of our days.

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